World Navigator

Interactive World Map and History


The map can be navigated by the controller located bottom left of the screen. It will show more detail as zooming in. Please keep on pressing the button until you get the satisfied zooming level.

Clicking on the country name will jump to the infomation page of that country.

Clicking "MINI MAP" button will show the small world map with the current visible area on the large map as a red square.
It can be moved around by dragging it.

Clicking"ALL" button will return the map to its initial state(Showing world map).

searchBy clicking"SEARCH" button, you can search by country name. Type the first letters of the country name that you are looking for in the text feild of the search panel and It will show the candidates. Then click the country name from the candidates and click the button next to the panel. Then the info page will be shown.
If the country name matches the one on the database, the color of the text will change to red.
You can also find a country name from a list by clicking "Search" link on the top menu.

With Control -> Select Map Menu, you can change the map among historical, Google, Yahoo Map. Historical map is also works the same way as normal map. Clicking on the country name leads to the information page. Historical map is not yet very accurate, however will be fixed gradually.

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